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I found some second hand shops in Pamela's website and it looked like all those frilly dresses are screaming "Mommyyy!" to me --;
I guess I need to build a more realistic wishlist, with things that I can actually afford and it is POSSIBLE to have them, unlike the previous wishlist (scroll down a little). I found better-than-decent Baby items at the second hand, and look quite affordable to me, even tough I don't yet have the money needed just for the headdress. I think I will separately buy each one in this order:

1.First of all, I love this skirt. It is pink and sweet, but still, not too sweet. I'll save for it first because things on Closet Child are always bought >.>

2.Angelic Pretty headdress. Because I love their old, classic sweet style.
headdress.jpg (31 KB)

3.Baby corset/top. I think it matches the headdress and the skirt, even tough I would like a white blouse instead. I don't want too much pink. But eh, until I'll find a pretty blouse, I'll have this.


4. Baby skirt, again. I couldn't believe how low-priced it is! I really need this one..
SDAASDA.jpg (32 KB)

These might be my first brand items, so I'd have to work hard for it, even tough I already started and it doesn't really work that well. And as a matter of fact, I can't have an allowance, I don't know why. My mother doesn't give me an allowance because she has her own stupid method. If I want something, she buys it for me. But I guess her method is not available for online shopping. Damn, how I wish I'd visit these shops in person. The prices of their items are NOT a problem. But the shipping and all that stuff pisses me off. It's too tricky.
I'd just go for Pamela's shipping service (thank you, Duplica).

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did Pam already answer you? :) I hope everything will go well!

I'll wait to get enough money for the dress, and then I will mail her for to ask about the shipping fees^^

Thank you!

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