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Japanese fuck T_T
// m i d o r i

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I've found this BABY skirt on Closet-Child at omfg 6200 yen. WTFWTFWTF. It only has 2 liiiiiiiiiiittle stains on it, but it looks so purfect and pretty and I want it sooo bad TT_TT  It's too cheap and I NEED to have it ;__; The price is definetely NOT a problem. I can save up the money in no time, but the real thing is that the whole site is in Japanese and I can't get a thing. And I WANT this so baaad.
   Is there anyone in Europe who can order this for me? Pretty please. PLEASE. I swear I'll pay the price + the shipping from Japan to your country + the shipping from your country to Romania. PLEASE. I'm hopeless and helpless T__T
   It's just that I don't have paypal, not even my parents. So I'll money transfer or something but PLEASE. Someone...

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have you considererd a shipping service? Because i have no paypal either I just give my orders to Pamela:

I know it's German, but I can tell you everything. She buys it for you in Japan in the online shop. You will have to pay shipping from the shop to her place, the shipping to you and then 10% for her service.
She is very fast and relieable! I never had any problems with her!
AND you can pay with European bank transfer, because she has a German bank account!

her mail adress: gosurori.bestellservice (at) gmail . com

say that you got the adress from me- Duplica *g* she knows me very well.

Okay, thanks a lot ^^ I'll save the money and send her an email. By the way, do I have to pay before she makes the order, or after I receive it? o.o

at first you send her an e-mail. she will answer with the final costs. then you have to pay it and when she receives it, she buys it immediately. normally she is very fast.
she bought for me at closet child and in other gothloli 2nd hand shops in the past ^^

Okay. Thank youuu, Duplica-san ^__^

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