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 Everything is so random these days. My mom told me she'll call a girl I know, godchild of my parents to hang out with me because she won't let me stay three months in my room, without doing anything. But I really, really hate the idea. I know it's not good for me to waste my vacation this way, but hanging out with someone won't help me at all. The thing I need before this is a psychologist. I've always wanted one =[
    I would love more than anything else to hang out with persons I could call friends. But it's not that easy, at least, not for me. I wish she could understand this. I think I really need a psychologist to help me. Some of my thoughts are not things to talk about with my mom, or with a relative. Those are things I must talk about with a person who understands, and who can give me a clue about why am I like this.

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Hello, I found your Ljay through the VE comyu...

Psychologists don't always help (I've had no luck with them personally and maybe been in a similar situation; don't know the particulars), but it's probably worth a try. You know, just popping in to say good luck :)

Also your Dada icons are uberhot.

I think I will give it a try. Maybe it helps, maybe not, who knows :)
Thank you, and I'm glad you like the icons X3

& I shall now honor you with one of my luvely comments. LOL.

I can quite understand how you feel. I also have lot's of problems that I can't discuss with my parents. & to be honest when I was in sixth grade I did went to the school's psychologist.
Nothing good came out of it. It was a waste of time, for me at least. I told her some of my problems but she just listened & gave me a short & really obvious answer. O_O''

But now, if you decide to try going to one I really hope it can help you. :)

Heheh. ;x

. xTwistedCake /}

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