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Plans and Jasmine You
// m i d o r i

In two hours I'll be taking the train 8D I'll go to Bucharest, and stay there for three days.
I think it will be fun, idk why orz. I'll meet Kami and Nee chan and the project we've set for Jasmine You.

I don't know what reference I had with the band Versailles, but they were at my place, and so was I, and I've seen this man, that looked like a female, dressed up in his purple dress and corset, and had feathers in his brown, curly hair. I thought it was Jasmine, but it wasn't.  I've started to cry, and I hugged him. But then I realized , that person was not Jasmine. It was just a copy, a person who looked, danced, moved, and spoke just as he did. Later on, I was singing with them (I don't even know what instrument I was playing, I couldn't be the third guitarist, nor the second bassist), but however. I think we played The Red Carpet Day.
There were three kids that made like Kamijo, in a not-that-funny way.
After that, I slapped those kids and ran after them because I wanted to beat them O_O The Security caught me and those kids and asked us what's wrong, and Kamijo went and told him in his Engrish what actually happened.
And that's all ..
But the scary thing is that I was really impressed of that person who was so alike to Jasmine..
I always have weird dreams. I dream of thinks I don't even think about before I sleep.

By the way, I changed the background and the banner8D


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