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 Merry Christmas :3

Plans and Jasmine You
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In two hours I'll be taking the train 8D I'll go to Bucharest, and stay there for three days.
I think it will be fun, idk why orz. I'll meet Kami and Nee chan and the project we've set for Jasmine You.

And I had a very weird dream last night..Collapse )

By the way, I changed the background and the banner8D

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I found some second hand shops in Pamela's website and it looked like all those frilly dresses are screaming "Mommyyy!" to me --;
I guess I need to build a more realistic wishlist, with things that I can actually afford and it is POSSIBLE to have them, unlike the previous wishlist (scroll down a little). I found better-than-decent Baby items at the second hand, and look quite affordable to me, even tough I don't yet have the money needed just for the headdress. I think I will separately buy each one in this order:

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Japanese fuck T_T
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I've found this BABY skirt on Closet-Child at omfg 6200 yen. WTFWTFWTF. It only has 2 liiiiiiiiiiittle stains on it, but it looks so purfect and pretty and I want it sooo bad TT_TT  It's too cheap and I NEED to have it ;__; The price is definetely NOT a problem. I can save up the money in no time, but the real thing is that the whole site is in Japanese and I can't get a thing. And I WANT this so baaad.
   Is there anyone in Europe who can order this for me? Pretty please. PLEASE. I swear I'll pay the price + the shipping from Japan to your country + the shipping from your country to Romania. PLEASE. I'm hopeless and helpless T__T
   It's just that I don't have paypal, not even my parents. So I'll money transfer or something but PLEASE. Someone...

Major update Post
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Hello~ I'm back with tons of changes. Sorry for the long maintenance.

ImageHost.orgI've changed the layout, along with the header and the background.

ImageHost.orgI've got rid of the moodtheme. It wouldn't fit with the current layout, so I just got rid of it. I could have been making a new one, but it's a pain in the ass making all those gifs, a double pain in the ass uploading them, and even a triple pain in the ass the copy/paste you need to repeat for applying them onto your profile.

ImageHost.orgI re-filled my profile page. I don't know if some of you noticed, but since I renewed my journal with the black damask theme, I had my profile empty because of no resource for the profile codes and all that stuff. So I found this cute profile code, changed the picture into an Amo one and filled it. And I also gave credit for everything.

ImageHost.orgI have replaced all the userpics into matching Lolita ones. The models are Maki, Asuka and Amo, and the images used are property of Angelic Pretty.

   I just thought I might need to write down all the things that happened in the past few days, and I am going to start with Nee chan visiting me. She came saturday, with her sister and mother. And then we took long walks and stuff. It was fun ^^ but she left the next day. Too bad. I wish she could have stayed a lot more. But let's hope she'll be here again sometimes~
 My sister came here yesterday. I don't know if I like it or not, she might be funny and stuff with her "tough love", but sometimes she is annoying, stubborn and makes fun of me●´д`●) But eh, this is what big sisters like to do.
   Anyways, I don't know what's wrong with me. The past few days I've been drooling over Moi-meme Moitie, and now I'm digging into Angelic Pretty. I always suffer of major likeness changes, only when it comes to deco and Lolita. Who knows, maybe the next week I'll have my Dada icons back D:
  I want to save money on something new. Lately, I've been really short on money. And Bodyline has to save the day. I like some of their new stuff and I'm thinking of buying some.  However, I have to save up 100$ for three items: purse,skirt and socks. They would be so much cheaper if the shipping fee wouldn't be that huge. Unfair fees are unfair. It's just triggering when you come across an item, decent priced, but the shipping fee is even double than the price of the item itself! I feel the need to be stabbed in the eye when such things happen to me (and I guess I'm not the only one around with the same problem).

This can't be happening
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JASMINE YOU Pictures, Images and Photos
  I don't even have words for every thing I feel. It's just that.. I can't believe it. I simply can't.

You were so talented, so young. You played with so much passion. You were so amazing and gorgeous. I can't believe you've started your eternal sleep.  I can't. It was a shock for me and for everyone. I always wondered why do people cry for someone's death who you've never met. But I simply, I can't explain to myself why am I crying. I guess it's a passion that was lit in my heart from the moment I saw you for the first time.
 Thank you for making me happy, with your existence, you made me happy. Thank you for playing all those songs I love. And I love them even more right now. Thank you for being an important part of a group I always admired.
  Versailles won't be Versailles anymore without you. No one can replace Jasmine You. No one.
You will always be in my heart, in our hearts. I will always think of you. As a tribute to you, on every day of 8 March, I will bury three roses.

   Rest in peace, Jasmine You.

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 Everything is so random these days. My mom told me she'll call a girl I know, godchild of my parents to hang out with me because she won't let me stay three months in my room, without doing anything. But I really, really hate the idea. I know it's not good for me to waste my vacation this way, but hanging out with someone won't help me at all. The thing I need before this is a psychologist. I've always wanted one =[
    I would love more than anything else to hang out with persons I could call friends. But it's not that easy, at least, not for me. I wish she could understand this. I think I really need a psychologist to help me. Some of my thoughts are not things to talk about with my mom, or with a relative. Those are things I must talk about with a person who understands, and who can give me a clue about why am I like this.

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